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Google vs Zoho Notebook

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‘Ενα πολύ καλό review για όσους χρησιμοποιούν σημειωματάρια μπορείτε να βρείτε εδώ.

Google and Zoho Notebooks each have their own strengths, but I would choose Google over Zoho, and for one reason: It automatically inserts a link to the source page of a clipping. Zoho Notebook does have some great potential with its organizational features, particularly for larger research projects. It also provides a single online location to group both files and clippings, which is also very useful in larger projects.

However, Google’s automatic link insertion trumps those capabilities, because projects of any size can benefit from lifelines back to source files.On the other hand, a couple of key changes to Zoho could tip the scales in its favor. Specifically, ZN needs to (1) automatically insert links to the source of a clipping, and (2) provide a means for automatically spreading out clippings within a workspace. Those two features would make Zoho products exceptional both for small and large research projects.